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Typiara is a simple, grey (but good-looking) application that makes betting on World Cup 2018 matches with your friends very easy and fun.

Create your own leagues, invite friends and gain points for good bets.

Typiara News

Typiara Ranking! • 15 Jun 2018

Check your position in the global ranking.

Today is the day! ⚽ • 14 Jun 2018

Predict best teams and the top goalscorer to gain additional points • 11 Jun 2018

Don't forget to add your predictions about the teams to finish the tournament on first and second place and the Golden Boot winner. You have time only until the start of the tournament.

League-specific scoring schemes enabled • 10 Jun 2018

Leagues' admins can now apply league-specific scoring schemes (check in league settings).

Place your bets! • 26 May 2018

Betting on WC18 matches on Typiara has been enabled.

World Cup draw results. • 1 Dec 2017

Final draw results and WC18 fixtures have been added.